Thursday, 27 May 2010

10th session - Italy and Spain

You can find here the link to our final session of the etwinning contest.

Good luck to everyone!

Friday, 21 May 2010

Score in May

Q & A - Lithuania

1. What is the capital of Lithuania? B) Vilnius

2. Who is the current president of Lithuania? C) Dalia Grybauskasitė

3. What are the colors of lithuanian flag? A) Yellow, Green, Red

4. Who will represent Lithuania in Eurovision contest this year? B) Inculto

5. When did Lithuania join European Union? B) 2004

6. When did Lithuania gain its independence? B) 1990

7. What sea is near Lithuania? C) Baltic sea

8. What is the main religion of lithuanians? A) Catholicism

9. What is the biggest lake of Lithuania? B) Drūkščiai

10. Who is the author of Lithuania’s national anthem? A) Vincas Kudirka

11. Which country isn’t Lithuania's neighbor? C) Estonia

12. When was the country of Lithuania established? B) XIII century

13. Who was the first president of Lithuania? B) Antanas Smetona

14. Who was the one and only king of Lithuania? B) Mindaugas

15. What is the most popular sport in Lithuania? B) Basketball

16. How many people live in Lithuania? A) About 3 mln

17. What is the longest river of Lithuania? B) Nemunas

18. Which lithuanian town is the geographic centre of Europe? C) Vilnius

19. What is the currency of Lithuania? C) Litas

20. What is the national dish of Lithuania? A) Big dumpings made of potatoes

Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Slovak Team

Here is Katka reading questions about Slovakia

Slovak Team

boys and girls watching the session

Slovak Team

Students listening to questions

Thursday, 6 May 2010

5 years e-Twinning -Greece

1st Gymnasium of Chaidari, Athens, Greece, celebrates 5 e-Twinning years. Happy birthday!