Saturday, 13 November 2010

Many thanks to all of you

Thank you very much for being one of the schools participating on this project. We are very happy to be the winners, even though this was not the main point. It was amazing to watch my students' faces when they could speak to students from other counties using their English and their knowledge from other school subjects. They realized what they learn and study at school is for life.

Special thanks to Antonio and his great ideas.

Friday, 15 October 2010

Monday, 21 June 2010

It was really an amazing project!

“Something I treasure a lot about this partnership is that all partners are amazing, helpful, understanding and supporting a lot the new members. I believe that I learnt new ways of working and presenting the team products. On the other hand, all students learned that they have to feel and behave like true citizens of the European Union, whose future is on their hands. Respect, cooperation and hard work are the words which they have to be in their mind, showing them that, living under the same European sky, it is a very heavy duty.
Thank you very much, Antonio, for this opportunity to participate in such wonderful project"
Helen Grigoriadou

Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Message from Spain

Thanks everybody for this project, your effort and your enthusiasm really inspired us. My pupils have been delighted and they are willing to start a new one next school year. We have learned so much about Europe in playful atmosphere that we didn't even realise all the work we were doing. Best wishes for everybody. Sorry for our mistakes on the answers. Bye bye see you next year!!!

Talk to you anytime.


Tuesday, 15 June 2010

A logo for our project

Greek team has created a logo for our project. You can find it inside the twin space/Common products (it is posted by Despina Moysidou ). We hope you like it.

Thank you very much Polish School!

The Greek school, 1st Gymnasium Chaidariou, thanks very much the Polish school, Gimnazjum nr 5 Częstochowa, for the nice e-magazine which we created together.
We really enjoyed cooperating with you.
Thank you, Malgosia nad Agata, very much.
Helen, Despina and the Greek team

Congratulation to Slovakia from Greece

Your team was really great!
This Contest was a great opportunity for the Greek team to know more about different European countries in an excited and pleasant way. My students have had fun and great time working in this project.
We hope to meet all teams again in a future project or in students' exchange-nice idea Malgosia.
Thank you very much for this wonderful year.