Sunday, 31 January 2010

Short remark

I've got the same remark as Portugal . I mean the 10th question of the English session - I think it shouldn't be included in the quiz.
Małgorzata from Poland

Friday, 22 January 2010

URGENT: Twin blog and National Quality Labels

Dear partners
It is very nice that we share our team work and information to this blog. But I think that the blog is not public so the NSS can not follow our activities.
If you want to get a National Quality Label your application form is not enough. It is very important all partners to write and publish entries every month to the twin blog. It is an obligation for all e-Twinners.
If two schools get a NQL the project is prized with the European Quality Label.
Please, partners, be ambitious! Write entries to the twin blogs. The Greek team has already written some.
Thank you in advance. Regards, Helen (Greece)

Thursday, 14 January 2010

Flashmeeting - England

Hi, everyone!

Just a remark (question 10 - "Which is the highest peak in England?): I think Ben Navis is in Scotland and not in England, isn't it?
See you all in February!
The Portuguese English teacher,

Wednesday, 13 January 2010

FlasMeeting session in February - Sweden

Dear partners. Here is the link to our session on the 10th February at 10.30.

Good luck to everyone.

Score in January

Questions and answers from England

1. Who is the prime minister? Gordon Brown
2. What is the name of the famous clock in London? Big Ben
3. What is the name of a famous sporting ground in London? Wimbledon
4. Who is the mayor of London? Boris Johnson
5. What is the capital city f England? London
6. What are the three colours of the flag? Blue, white, Red
7. What is a traditional English dish? Steak and Kidney Pie
8. Who is the patron saint? St George
9. What is the national day? 23rd April
10. What is the highest peak in England? scaffel pike
11. What is the famous river that runs through London? Thames
12. Where was Shakespeare born? Stratford upon Avon
13. Who is the manager of England football team? Fabio Capello
14. Which king of England started the church of England? Henry VIII
15. What is the name of the queen? Elizabeth II
16. What is the currency? Sterling Pound
17. What is the name of Shakespeare's theatre in London? The Globe
18. What are the names of the bordering countries of England? Scotland and Wales
19. What is the population of England? 54 million (last official survey, though estimate is now just over 60 million)
20. What club does Beckman play for? AC Milan