Saturday, 13 November 2010

Many thanks to all of you

Thank you very much for being one of the schools participating on this project. We are very happy to be the winners, even though this was not the main point. It was amazing to watch my students' faces when they could speak to students from other counties using their English and their knowledge from other school subjects. They realized what they learn and study at school is for life.

Special thanks to Antonio and his great ideas.

Friday, 15 October 2010

Monday, 21 June 2010

It was really an amazing project!

“Something I treasure a lot about this partnership is that all partners are amazing, helpful, understanding and supporting a lot the new members. I believe that I learnt new ways of working and presenting the team products. On the other hand, all students learned that they have to feel and behave like true citizens of the European Union, whose future is on their hands. Respect, cooperation and hard work are the words which they have to be in their mind, showing them that, living under the same European sky, it is a very heavy duty.
Thank you very much, Antonio, for this opportunity to participate in such wonderful project"
Helen Grigoriadou

Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Message from Spain

Thanks everybody for this project, your effort and your enthusiasm really inspired us. My pupils have been delighted and they are willing to start a new one next school year. We have learned so much about Europe in playful atmosphere that we didn't even realise all the work we were doing. Best wishes for everybody. Sorry for our mistakes on the answers. Bye bye see you next year!!!

Talk to you anytime.


Tuesday, 15 June 2010

A logo for our project

Greek team has created a logo for our project. You can find it inside the twin space/Common products (it is posted by Despina Moysidou ). We hope you like it.

Thank you very much Polish School!

The Greek school, 1st Gymnasium Chaidariou, thanks very much the Polish school, Gimnazjum nr 5 Częstochowa, for the nice e-magazine which we created together.
We really enjoyed cooperating with you.
Thank you, Malgosia nad Agata, very much.
Helen, Despina and the Greek team

Congratulation to Slovakia from Greece

Your team was really great!
This Contest was a great opportunity for the Greek team to know more about different European countries in an excited and pleasant way. My students have had fun and great time working in this project.
We hope to meet all teams again in a future project or in students' exchange-nice idea Malgosia.
Thank you very much for this wonderful year.

Monday, 14 June 2010

Congratulations to Slovakia from Poland! You were absolutelly great.

Participating in this contest was a wonderful fun and opportunity to communicate with teens from different European countries for my students. It was a real pleasure to cooperate with all of you. I hope to meet you again in future maybe in students' exchange or another project.
Thank you very much for this year.

Małgorzata Śliwoń, Gimnazjum nr 5 Częstochowa

And the winner is ...

First of all I think that we are all winners as we have achieved the goals for this project. In my opinion we've created new ties and gained a new and more complete idea of what Europe is about. Though we somestimes faced technical problems we were a fantastic team. We did our best to meet the challenges and so my deepest thanks to you all.
But, this is a contest and I must give you the final score you all have been waiting for.

1st place - Slovakia - 170 points
2nd place - Germany - 167 points
3rd place - Slovenia - 166 points
4th place - Poland - 164 points
5th place - Portugal - 163 points
6th place - Greece - 141 points
7th place - Spain - 139 points
8th place - Lithuania - 129 points
9th place - Sweden - 123 points
10th place - Italy - 122 points
11th place - England - 112 points


Q & A - Spain (corrected)

1º Who is the president of Spain? b) Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero
2º What’s the capital city of Spain? c) Madrid
3º Who is the king of Spain? a)Juan Carlos I
4º What is the population in Spain? c)about 48 million
5º What are the colors of the Spanish flag? a)red yellow red
6º How many regions are in Spain? b)17
7º What are the longest river in Spain? a)Tajo
8º Spain is bordered by three seas. What are they? b) the Cantabrian sea, the Atlantic ocean and the Mediterranean sea.
9ºWhat is the highest mountain in Spain? b)Teide
10º With which country does Spain border to the north? a)France
11º in which year did Spain unit in the EU? b)1986
12º who is the author of “Don Qujote”? c)Miguel de Cervantes
13º What’s the most popular food in Spain? b)paella
14º what is the name of the most famous cathedral in Barcelona designed by the architect Gaudi? c)the Sagrada Familia cathedral.
15º What is celebrated during Easter in all cities and villages? a) processions
16ºWho of these is a Spanish famous Andalusian gipsy dancer? c) Juaquín Cortés
17º Who was the composer of the Spanish national anthem? b)Anonymous
18º What Spanish football team was the European League champion in 2008/09? a)Barcelona
19º Who is the best Spanish tennis player nowadays? a)Rafa Nadal
20º In which F1 team is Fernando Alonso? b)Ferrari

Sunday, 13 June 2010

A big thank you from England

We really enjoyed taking part in this etwinning project this year. The students at the Robert Napier School loved doing homework every month researching about each country.
We have learnt a lot in geography, history and general knowledge. We were also impressed by how well people all around Europe speak English! Wished we could speak French or Spanish that well! It also made us realise how similar we all are all over Europe and it has certainly opened our mind!Thank you again from the UK team
We hope that most of you will be taking part in next year's project
Miss Charles and her 8HUM/fr2 class

Thursday, 10 June 2010

Q+A from Spain

Could you please have a look at answers 9 and 20? I might be mistaken, but in number 9 Teide was b.) not a.) and in number 20 Ferrari was also b.) not a.)

Q & A - Spain

1º Who is the president of Spain? b)Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero
2º What’s the capital city of Spain? c)Madrid
3º Who is the king of Spain? a)Juan Carlos I
4º What is the population in Spain? c)about 48 million
5º What are the colors of the Spanish flag? a)red yellow red
6º How many regions are in Spain? b)17
7º What are the longest river in Spain? a)Tajo
8º Spain is bordered by three seas. What are they? b)the Cantabrian sea, the Atlantic ocean and the Mediterranean sea.
9º What is the highest mountain in Spain? a)Teide
10º With which country does Spain border to the north? a)France
11º In which year did Spain unit in the EU? b)1986
12º Who is the author of “Don Qujote”? c)Miguel de Cervantes
13º What’s the most popular food in Spain? a)paella
14º What is the name of the most famous cathedral in Barcelona designed by the architect Gaudi? c)the Sagrada Familia cathedral.
15º What is celebrated during Easter in all cities and villages? a)processions
16ºWho of these is a Spanish famous Andalusian gipsy dancer? b)Juaquín Cortés
17º Who was the composer of the Spanish national anthem? a)Anonymous
18º What Spanish football team was the European League champion in 2008/09? a)Barcelona
19º Who is the best Spanish tennis player nowadays? a)Rafa Nadal
20º In which F1 team is Fernando Alonso? a)Ferrari

Wednesday, 9 June 2010

The score after the Italian questions

1. Slovakia 152 points
2. Germany 151 points
2. Slovenia 151 points
3. Poland 148 points
3. Portugal 148 points
4. Greece 124 points
5. Spain 119 points
5. Lithuania 119 points
6. Sweden 116 points
7. Italy 104 points
8. England 97 points

Q & A - Italy

1. What's the capital city of Italy? b) Rome
2. What colour is the Italian flag? c) Red, white, green
3. What is the name of the President of the Italian republic? a) Giorgio Napolitano
4. When was Italy unified? b) 1861
5. What musical instrument is Antonio Stradivari famous for? b) violin
6. How many regions are there in Italy? b) 20
7. What is the name of the highest mountain in Italy? b) Monte Bianco
8. What is the name of the longest river in Italy? b) Po
9. What part of Italy was hit by a powerful earthquake last year in April 2009? a) Abruzzo
10. Who was Luciano Pavarotti? b) a singer
11. What is the name of the world-famous italian floating city? c) Venice
12. What are the away colours of the Italian National football team? a) white shirts and white shorts
13. What is our typical food? b) pasta
14. How many microstates are located in Italy? b) 2
15. What is the name of the goalkeeper of our national football team? a) Gianluigi Bufon
16. Where is the Colosseum? a) in Roem
17. The largest Italian islands are ... b) Sicilia and Sardegna
18. Rita Levi Montalcini has been awarded the Nobel Prize for ... b) Medicine
19. What is the name of the world-famous Italian leaning tower? a) Tower of Pisa
20. Which of these men was not only a painter, but also a sculptor and an inventor? b) Leonardo da Vinci

Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Slovakia - where to go

Dobšinská Ice Cave

The Dobšinská Ice Cave is situated in the Spiš-Gemer karst, in the national nature reserve Stratená, and by the character of glaciation belongs among the most important caves in the world. Ice fill occurs here in various forms and ice thickness reaches in some places 26 meters.

Thursday, 27 May 2010

10th session - Italy and Spain

You can find here the link to our final session of the etwinning contest.

Good luck to everyone!

Friday, 21 May 2010

Score in May

Q & A - Lithuania

1. What is the capital of Lithuania? B) Vilnius

2. Who is the current president of Lithuania? C) Dalia Grybauskasitė

3. What are the colors of lithuanian flag? A) Yellow, Green, Red

4. Who will represent Lithuania in Eurovision contest this year? B) Inculto

5. When did Lithuania join European Union? B) 2004

6. When did Lithuania gain its independence? B) 1990

7. What sea is near Lithuania? C) Baltic sea

8. What is the main religion of lithuanians? A) Catholicism

9. What is the biggest lake of Lithuania? B) Drūkščiai

10. Who is the author of Lithuania’s national anthem? A) Vincas Kudirka

11. Which country isn’t Lithuania's neighbor? C) Estonia

12. When was the country of Lithuania established? B) XIII century

13. Who was the first president of Lithuania? B) Antanas Smetona

14. Who was the one and only king of Lithuania? B) Mindaugas

15. What is the most popular sport in Lithuania? B) Basketball

16. How many people live in Lithuania? A) About 3 mln

17. What is the longest river of Lithuania? B) Nemunas

18. Which lithuanian town is the geographic centre of Europe? C) Vilnius

19. What is the currency of Lithuania? C) Litas

20. What is the national dish of Lithuania? A) Big dumpings made of potatoes

Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Slovak Team

Here is Katka reading questions about Slovakia

Slovak Team

boys and girls watching the session

Slovak Team

Students listening to questions

Thursday, 6 May 2010

5 years e-Twinning -Greece

1st Gymnasium of Chaidari, Athens, Greece, celebrates 5 e-Twinning years. Happy birthday!

Wednesday, 14 April 2010

From Poland

Thank you very much for your warm words we have read and heard from our etwinning partners these days. It's very moving to hear that a lot of people from different countries understand what we have just experienced. Although the crash happened some days ago we are still grieving for our President, his wife and many representatives of Polish Parliament, Church and Army.
People are going to Warsaw to pay tribute to the President and his wife. We are still shocked that something like that could happen.
On all students and teachers' behalf, again thank you so much for your words of comfort.

Małgorzata Śliwoń

Gimnazjum nr 5 , Częstochowa

May session - Italy and Lithuania

As you know, next 19th May we'll have 2 sessions instead of 1. The first country to ask the questions will be Italy and Germany cannot answer. Then Lithuania is asking the questions and everybody can answer as Italy missed this April session.

Here is the link to the conference.

Good luck to everyone. Try to be on time and ask and answer as fast as possible.

Score in April

I think that there were so difficulties with Lithuania answering the question. I've watched the videconference again and you only answered 3 questions correctly. So here is the updated score.

Score in April

Q & A from Germany

1. What is the capital of Germany? b) Berlin
2. What are the colours of the German flag? c) black, red and gold
3. When was the last World Football Championship in Germany? a) 2006
4. What is the name of the biggest isle in Germany? b) Rügen
5. What are three typical German cars? c) Opel, BMW, Mercedes
6. In which year was the reunification between east and west Germany?
b) in 1990
7. What is the name of the most popular teenager pop group of Germany?
a) Tokio Hotel
8. What is the highest mountain in Germany? b) Zugspitze
9. In which city can you find the German financial centre? a) Frankfurt am Main
10. When has Germany introduced the Euro? c) in January 1999
11. Who is a famous German biathlete? b) Kati Wilhelm
12. What is the total area of Germany? a) about 357,000 sq km
13. What is a river in Germany? c) Rhein
14. Which three countries have a border with Germany?
c) Switzerland, Denmark, Czech-Republic
15. How many states are there in Germany? b) 16
16. Who was the first German chancellor? a) Konrad Adenauer
17. Who was a famous German scientist? b) Albert Einstein
18. Which building belongs to the most famous sights in Berlin?
c) The Brandenburger Gate
19. We live in Thuringia in the middle of Germany. What is our nickname?
c) The Green Heart of Germany
20. Who composed the National Anthem of Germany?
a) Joseph Haydn

Sunday, 11 April 2010

Our sympathy to Poland

We were very sad to know about the plane crash that killed several people from Poland, including your President.

It is with deeply consternation that we are sending you this message and with hope of a better future no matter what is happening in the present.

You'll always be in our hearts.

Another Q.L. from Greece

Friday, 2 April 2010

Thursday, 25 March 2010

Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Score in March - 2nd session

Slovenia - Q & A

1. Which is the highest mountain in Slovenia? c) Triglav
2. When did Slovenia declare its independence? a) in 1991
3. What is the capital of Slovenia? c) Ljubljana
4. Members of which nation are Slovenians in majority? a) Slavs
5. How big is Slovenia approximately? a) about 20,000 km2
6. What is the title of the Slovene anthem? b) Zdravljica
7. Where is Slovenia's only island? b) in Bled
8. What's the population of Slovenia? c) two million
9. Which isn't our neighbouring country? b) Germany
10. Which is the longest Slovenian river? a) the Sava
11. Which sea does Slovenia border? b) the Adriatic Sea
12. What is in the Slovenian coat of arms? c) mountains, stars and sea
13. What colour is the Slovenian flag? b) white, blue, red
14. Which country did Slovenia declare its independence from? c) Yugoslavia
15. Who was the first president of Slovenia? a) Milan Kučan
16. What is 'kranjska klobasa'? a) a dish
17. Which is the longest river that Martin Strel swam? b) the Amazon River
18. What medal did Petra Majdič win in the latest winter Olimpics? c) bronze
19. Who are the Avsenik brothers? b) musicians
20. Who was France Prešeren? c) a poet

eTwinning session in April - Germany

Hi dear partners.

Our next session will be about Germany on April 14th. Here is the link:

I remind Germany that you'll have to select 2 countries to our May session.

You've all done a great work so far. Congratulations.

Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Hello from Greece

Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Score in March

Here is the score up to the first session of March.

Questions and answers from Portugal

1. Where is Portugal situated? a) Western Europe
2. What's the name of the Portuguese navigator that discovered the sea route to Brazil? c) Pedro Álvares Cabral
3. What event did Portugal host in 2004? b) European Football Championship
4. How many inhabitants does Portugal have? b) About 10 million
5. What was the Portuguese currency before the adoption of the Euro? a) Escudo
6. What's the name of the Portuguese national anthem? a) The Portuguese
7. Which are the main colours on the Portuguese flag? b) Green and red
8. What's the name of the typical Portuguese music? b) Fado
9. How many islands are there in the Azores? a) nine
10. There is only one major Portuguese river that flows south to north. Which one is it? c) Mondego
11. What is the highest mountain in mainland Portugal? b) Estrela
12. What is the Portuguese wine that is popular worldwide? a) Port wine
13. What was Portugal's first capital? a) Guimarães
14. Who was Salazar? c) A dictator
15. When did Portugal become a member of the European Union? b) 1986
16. What does the traditional Christmas meal in Portugal consist of? a) Codfish with vegetables and boiled potatoes
17. Why is José Saramago famous worldwide? c) He won the Nobel Prize of Literature
18. At the Beijing Olympics Nelson Évora won... c) the gold medal in the triple jump
19. What is the national day in Portugal? c) 10th June
20. Who is Portugal's greatest lyrical poet? a) Luís de Camões

Correction to the February score

Hi, dear friends.

I've listened carefully to our February session and some countries didn't have the correct points. Portugal, Poland and Italy had 20 correct answers, Germany and Slovakia had 18 correct answers, Lithuania had 17 correct answers, Greece and Slovenia had 16 correct answers and Spain had 15 correct answers. Of course, Sweden had 20 points for asking the questions.
As a result of these corrections, here is the February score:
1st place - Slovenia - 84 points
2nd place - Portugal - 83 points
3rd place - Germany - 82 points
4th place - Poland and Slovakia - 72 points
5th place - England - 66 points
6th place - Greece and Italy - 62 points
7th place - Spain and Sweden - 60 points
8th place - Lithuania - 52 points

As soon as we have the results from Portugal, we'll publish them.

2nd session in March - Slovenia

Hi! Here is the link to our eTwinning session on March 24th.

Although we cannot answer the questions we intend to be present.

Good luck to everyone.


Hi, everyone!
Here we are... FINALLY!
We are in the 7th grade and we are quite close!

This is our school. We enjoy ourselves a lot here!

Here is another photo from our school. It has got plenty of green spaces. Quite pleasant!

We also have a green house!

Monday, 1 March 2010

Score of February session

Hi dear friends.

It seems that there was some confusion about the score in February. I already asked Jens to look at the videoconference again and Portugal got all the 20 questions correctly. According to this we will have to check all the answers and then have a new score. Jens told me it was a bit difficult to understand all the answers, so I will try to help. As soon as we have this work done, we'll let you know.
Don't forget that Portugal is going to ask the questions next Wednesday. Good luck to everyone!

Friday, 26 February 2010

Our score

Hello everyone!
we want to say that we think there is a mistake in calculating our last score, because we answered all the questions correctly and we got 19 points instead of 20.
Can someone correct our score please? Thank you very much!!!

Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Final planning

Hi again.

I've received some answers to my proposal for the final planning of this project. Some countries have problems of having more than one session a month, others don't have classes, others finish earlier and others have exams. After a search of possibilities here is my proposal, which I hope will be fine for everybody:

Next session: March 3rd (Portugal is asking the questions)
Following sessions: March 24th, April 14th, May 19th (2 countries will ask the questions), June 9th.

I think it will be possible for the countries, on May 19th, to ask the questions and to receive all the answers as we are almost professionals with our videoconferences.

I still don't know what Poland, Italy, England and Lithuania think about it but I hope you agree. If Spain cannot join us on one of the March sessions, it will be ok as you haven't missed a session so far. You just have to let us know you won't be present.

See you soon.


Thursday, 11 February 2010


Hi everybody!

As you know, this was meant to be a 2-year-project, as at start we were 14 partners. However, as we are 11 schools now, I think that we could plan our sessions in order to get all the countries asking the questions till June.

To do that we need to have more than one session a month. My suggestion is this:

We'll have a session on March 3rd (this one is already booked), another session on March 24th; in April, due to Easter holidays we could have a session on the 14th; in May we need two more sessions, the first one on the 5th and the second one on the 26th; the final session would be on the 16th June.

I would like you to send me a mail to confirm the dates.


March session - Portugal

Here is the link to our videoconference on the 3rd March at 10.30 (London time).

See you then.

Score in February

Questions and answers from Sweden

1. What is the capital of Sweden? c. Stockholm
2. When is the national day? b. Sixth of June
3. What is the name of the famous Swedish popgroup in the seventies? a. Abba
4. Who is Fredrik Reinfeldt? c. Our Prime Minister
5. Astrid Lindgren wrote many books for children. Who is the strong girl that lives in a house with her horse and her monkey? a. Pippi
6. Bjorn Borg is a famous Swede. In what sport did he win a lot of victories? c. Tennis
7. What is the currency in Sweden? a. Crowns
8. The biggest mountain in Sweden is Kebnekaise. How high is it? a. About 2000 metres.
9. What is Knäckebröd? a. A kind of bread.
10. Who was Gustav Vasa? c. A king
11. This year in September the people are going to vote about the Government. How many years are there to the next election? c. Four years
12. What two colours are there in the flag? c. Blue and Yellow
13. How many people are living in Sweden? a. nine millions
14. What did Alfred Nobel invent? a. The Dynamite
15. This year in June there will be a royal wedding in Stockholm. Who is going to marry her boyfriend? b. Victoria
16. The best football player in Sweden plays in FC Barcelona. Who is he? b. Zlatan Ibrahimovic
17. What country is our neighbor in the east? C. Finland
18. What´s the name of the biggest lake in Sweden? c. Vänern
19. What does “Skål” means? b. Cheers
20. Please, name two cars from Sweden! a. Volvo and SAAB

Sunday, 31 January 2010

Short remark

I've got the same remark as Portugal . I mean the 10th question of the English session - I think it shouldn't be included in the quiz.
Małgorzata from Poland

Friday, 22 January 2010

URGENT: Twin blog and National Quality Labels

Dear partners
It is very nice that we share our team work and information to this blog. But I think that the blog is not public so the NSS can not follow our activities.
If you want to get a National Quality Label your application form is not enough. It is very important all partners to write and publish entries every month to the twin blog. It is an obligation for all e-Twinners.
If two schools get a NQL the project is prized with the European Quality Label.
Please, partners, be ambitious! Write entries to the twin blogs. The Greek team has already written some.
Thank you in advance. Regards, Helen (Greece)

Thursday, 14 January 2010

Flashmeeting - England

Hi, everyone!

Just a remark (question 10 - "Which is the highest peak in England?): I think Ben Navis is in Scotland and not in England, isn't it?
See you all in February!
The Portuguese English teacher,

Wednesday, 13 January 2010

FlasMeeting session in February - Sweden

Dear partners. Here is the link to our session on the 10th February at 10.30.

Good luck to everyone.

Score in January

Questions and answers from England

1. Who is the prime minister? Gordon Brown
2. What is the name of the famous clock in London? Big Ben
3. What is the name of a famous sporting ground in London? Wimbledon
4. Who is the mayor of London? Boris Johnson
5. What is the capital city f England? London
6. What are the three colours of the flag? Blue, white, Red
7. What is a traditional English dish? Steak and Kidney Pie
8. Who is the patron saint? St George
9. What is the national day? 23rd April
10. What is the highest peak in England? scaffel pike
11. What is the famous river that runs through London? Thames
12. Where was Shakespeare born? Stratford upon Avon
13. Who is the manager of England football team? Fabio Capello
14. Which king of England started the church of England? Henry VIII
15. What is the name of the queen? Elizabeth II
16. What is the currency? Sterling Pound
17. What is the name of Shakespeare's theatre in London? The Globe
18. What are the names of the bordering countries of England? Scotland and Wales
19. What is the population of England? 54 million (last official survey, though estimate is now just over 60 million)
20. What club does Beckman play for? AC Milan