Thursday, 11 February 2010

Questions and answers from Sweden

1. What is the capital of Sweden? c. Stockholm
2. When is the national day? b. Sixth of June
3. What is the name of the famous Swedish popgroup in the seventies? a. Abba
4. Who is Fredrik Reinfeldt? c. Our Prime Minister
5. Astrid Lindgren wrote many books for children. Who is the strong girl that lives in a house with her horse and her monkey? a. Pippi
6. Bjorn Borg is a famous Swede. In what sport did he win a lot of victories? c. Tennis
7. What is the currency in Sweden? a. Crowns
8. The biggest mountain in Sweden is Kebnekaise. How high is it? a. About 2000 metres.
9. What is Knäckebröd? a. A kind of bread.
10. Who was Gustav Vasa? c. A king
11. This year in September the people are going to vote about the Government. How many years are there to the next election? c. Four years
12. What two colours are there in the flag? c. Blue and Yellow
13. How many people are living in Sweden? a. nine millions
14. What did Alfred Nobel invent? a. The Dynamite
15. This year in June there will be a royal wedding in Stockholm. Who is going to marry her boyfriend? b. Victoria
16. The best football player in Sweden plays in FC Barcelona. Who is he? b. Zlatan Ibrahimovic
17. What country is our neighbor in the east? C. Finland
18. What´s the name of the biggest lake in Sweden? c. Vänern
19. What does “Skål” means? b. Cheers
20. Please, name two cars from Sweden! a. Volvo and SAAB

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