Thursday, 25 March 2010

Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Score in March - 2nd session

Slovenia - Q & A

1. Which is the highest mountain in Slovenia? c) Triglav
2. When did Slovenia declare its independence? a) in 1991
3. What is the capital of Slovenia? c) Ljubljana
4. Members of which nation are Slovenians in majority? a) Slavs
5. How big is Slovenia approximately? a) about 20,000 km2
6. What is the title of the Slovene anthem? b) Zdravljica
7. Where is Slovenia's only island? b) in Bled
8. What's the population of Slovenia? c) two million
9. Which isn't our neighbouring country? b) Germany
10. Which is the longest Slovenian river? a) the Sava
11. Which sea does Slovenia border? b) the Adriatic Sea
12. What is in the Slovenian coat of arms? c) mountains, stars and sea
13. What colour is the Slovenian flag? b) white, blue, red
14. Which country did Slovenia declare its independence from? c) Yugoslavia
15. Who was the first president of Slovenia? a) Milan Kučan
16. What is 'kranjska klobasa'? a) a dish
17. Which is the longest river that Martin Strel swam? b) the Amazon River
18. What medal did Petra Majdič win in the latest winter Olimpics? c) bronze
19. Who are the Avsenik brothers? b) musicians
20. Who was France Prešeren? c) a poet

eTwinning session in April - Germany

Hi dear partners.

Our next session will be about Germany on April 14th. Here is the link:

I remind Germany that you'll have to select 2 countries to our May session.

You've all done a great work so far. Congratulations.

Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Hello from Greece

Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Score in March

Here is the score up to the first session of March.

Questions and answers from Portugal

1. Where is Portugal situated? a) Western Europe
2. What's the name of the Portuguese navigator that discovered the sea route to Brazil? c) Pedro Álvares Cabral
3. What event did Portugal host in 2004? b) European Football Championship
4. How many inhabitants does Portugal have? b) About 10 million
5. What was the Portuguese currency before the adoption of the Euro? a) Escudo
6. What's the name of the Portuguese national anthem? a) The Portuguese
7. Which are the main colours on the Portuguese flag? b) Green and red
8. What's the name of the typical Portuguese music? b) Fado
9. How many islands are there in the Azores? a) nine
10. There is only one major Portuguese river that flows south to north. Which one is it? c) Mondego
11. What is the highest mountain in mainland Portugal? b) Estrela
12. What is the Portuguese wine that is popular worldwide? a) Port wine
13. What was Portugal's first capital? a) Guimarães
14. Who was Salazar? c) A dictator
15. When did Portugal become a member of the European Union? b) 1986
16. What does the traditional Christmas meal in Portugal consist of? a) Codfish with vegetables and boiled potatoes
17. Why is José Saramago famous worldwide? c) He won the Nobel Prize of Literature
18. At the Beijing Olympics Nelson Évora won... c) the gold medal in the triple jump
19. What is the national day in Portugal? c) 10th June
20. Who is Portugal's greatest lyrical poet? a) Luís de Camões

Correction to the February score

Hi, dear friends.

I've listened carefully to our February session and some countries didn't have the correct points. Portugal, Poland and Italy had 20 correct answers, Germany and Slovakia had 18 correct answers, Lithuania had 17 correct answers, Greece and Slovenia had 16 correct answers and Spain had 15 correct answers. Of course, Sweden had 20 points for asking the questions.
As a result of these corrections, here is the February score:
1st place - Slovenia - 84 points
2nd place - Portugal - 83 points
3rd place - Germany - 82 points
4th place - Poland and Slovakia - 72 points
5th place - England - 66 points
6th place - Greece and Italy - 62 points
7th place - Spain and Sweden - 60 points
8th place - Lithuania - 52 points

As soon as we have the results from Portugal, we'll publish them.

2nd session in March - Slovenia

Hi! Here is the link to our eTwinning session on March 24th.

Although we cannot answer the questions we intend to be present.

Good luck to everyone.


Hi, everyone!
Here we are... FINALLY!
We are in the 7th grade and we are quite close!

This is our school. We enjoy ourselves a lot here!

Here is another photo from our school. It has got plenty of green spaces. Quite pleasant!

We also have a green house!

Monday, 1 March 2010

Score of February session

Hi dear friends.

It seems that there was some confusion about the score in February. I already asked Jens to look at the videoconference again and Portugal got all the 20 questions correctly. According to this we will have to check all the answers and then have a new score. Jens told me it was a bit difficult to understand all the answers, so I will try to help. As soon as we have this work done, we'll let you know.
Don't forget that Portugal is going to ask the questions next Wednesday. Good luck to everyone!