Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Questions and answers from Portugal

1. Where is Portugal situated? a) Western Europe
2. What's the name of the Portuguese navigator that discovered the sea route to Brazil? c) Pedro Álvares Cabral
3. What event did Portugal host in 2004? b) European Football Championship
4. How many inhabitants does Portugal have? b) About 10 million
5. What was the Portuguese currency before the adoption of the Euro? a) Escudo
6. What's the name of the Portuguese national anthem? a) The Portuguese
7. Which are the main colours on the Portuguese flag? b) Green and red
8. What's the name of the typical Portuguese music? b) Fado
9. How many islands are there in the Azores? a) nine
10. There is only one major Portuguese river that flows south to north. Which one is it? c) Mondego
11. What is the highest mountain in mainland Portugal? b) Estrela
12. What is the Portuguese wine that is popular worldwide? a) Port wine
13. What was Portugal's first capital? a) Guimarães
14. Who was Salazar? c) A dictator
15. When did Portugal become a member of the European Union? b) 1986
16. What does the traditional Christmas meal in Portugal consist of? a) Codfish with vegetables and boiled potatoes
17. Why is José Saramago famous worldwide? c) He won the Nobel Prize of Literature
18. At the Beijing Olympics Nelson Évora won... c) the gold medal in the triple jump
19. What is the national day in Portugal? c) 10th June
20. Who is Portugal's greatest lyrical poet? a) Luís de Camões

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