Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Slovenia - Q & A

1. Which is the highest mountain in Slovenia? c) Triglav
2. When did Slovenia declare its independence? a) in 1991
3. What is the capital of Slovenia? c) Ljubljana
4. Members of which nation are Slovenians in majority? a) Slavs
5. How big is Slovenia approximately? a) about 20,000 km2
6. What is the title of the Slovene anthem? b) Zdravljica
7. Where is Slovenia's only island? b) in Bled
8. What's the population of Slovenia? c) two million
9. Which isn't our neighbouring country? b) Germany
10. Which is the longest Slovenian river? a) the Sava
11. Which sea does Slovenia border? b) the Adriatic Sea
12. What is in the Slovenian coat of arms? c) mountains, stars and sea
13. What colour is the Slovenian flag? b) white, blue, red
14. Which country did Slovenia declare its independence from? c) Yugoslavia
15. Who was the first president of Slovenia? a) Milan Kučan
16. What is 'kranjska klobasa'? a) a dish
17. Which is the longest river that Martin Strel swam? b) the Amazon River
18. What medal did Petra Majdič win in the latest winter Olimpics? c) bronze
19. Who are the Avsenik brothers? b) musicians
20. Who was France Prešeren? c) a poet

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