Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Correction to the February score

Hi, dear friends.

I've listened carefully to our February session and some countries didn't have the correct points. Portugal, Poland and Italy had 20 correct answers, Germany and Slovakia had 18 correct answers, Lithuania had 17 correct answers, Greece and Slovenia had 16 correct answers and Spain had 15 correct answers. Of course, Sweden had 20 points for asking the questions.
As a result of these corrections, here is the February score:
1st place - Slovenia - 84 points
2nd place - Portugal - 83 points
3rd place - Germany - 82 points
4th place - Poland and Slovakia - 72 points
5th place - England - 66 points
6th place - Greece and Italy - 62 points
7th place - Spain and Sweden - 60 points
8th place - Lithuania - 52 points

As soon as we have the results from Portugal, we'll publish them.

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