Thursday, 10 June 2010

Q & A - Spain

1º Who is the president of Spain? b)Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero
2º What’s the capital city of Spain? c)Madrid
3º Who is the king of Spain? a)Juan Carlos I
4º What is the population in Spain? c)about 48 million
5º What are the colors of the Spanish flag? a)red yellow red
6º How many regions are in Spain? b)17
7º What are the longest river in Spain? a)Tajo
8º Spain is bordered by three seas. What are they? b)the Cantabrian sea, the Atlantic ocean and the Mediterranean sea.
9º What is the highest mountain in Spain? a)Teide
10º With which country does Spain border to the north? a)France
11º In which year did Spain unit in the EU? b)1986
12º Who is the author of “Don Qujote”? c)Miguel de Cervantes
13º What’s the most popular food in Spain? a)paella
14º What is the name of the most famous cathedral in Barcelona designed by the architect Gaudi? c)the Sagrada Familia cathedral.
15º What is celebrated during Easter in all cities and villages? a)processions
16ºWho of these is a Spanish famous Andalusian gipsy dancer? b)Juaquín Cortés
17º Who was the composer of the Spanish national anthem? a)Anonymous
18º What Spanish football team was the European League champion in 2008/09? a)Barcelona
19º Who is the best Spanish tennis player nowadays? a)Rafa Nadal
20º In which F1 team is Fernando Alonso? a)Ferrari

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