Monday, 14 June 2010

And the winner is ...

First of all I think that we are all winners as we have achieved the goals for this project. In my opinion we've created new ties and gained a new and more complete idea of what Europe is about. Though we somestimes faced technical problems we were a fantastic team. We did our best to meet the challenges and so my deepest thanks to you all.
But, this is a contest and I must give you the final score you all have been waiting for.

1st place - Slovakia - 170 points
2nd place - Germany - 167 points
3rd place - Slovenia - 166 points
4th place - Poland - 164 points
5th place - Portugal - 163 points
6th place - Greece - 141 points
7th place - Spain - 139 points
8th place - Lithuania - 129 points
9th place - Sweden - 123 points
10th place - Italy - 122 points
11th place - England - 112 points



  1. Wooow huraaa, thank you :) I'm very happy :) We learn lot of your countries :)I hope that we'll repeat this contest in next year :)

  2. Well done Slovakia. I am sorry we came last but I thought we did well anyway and my students loved taking part.

  3. Thank you Antonio for creating this project.