Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Q & A from Germany

1. What is the capital of Germany? b) Berlin
2. What are the colours of the German flag? c) black, red and gold
3. When was the last World Football Championship in Germany? a) 2006
4. What is the name of the biggest isle in Germany? b) Rügen
5. What are three typical German cars? c) Opel, BMW, Mercedes
6. In which year was the reunification between east and west Germany?
b) in 1990
7. What is the name of the most popular teenager pop group of Germany?
a) Tokio Hotel
8. What is the highest mountain in Germany? b) Zugspitze
9. In which city can you find the German financial centre? a) Frankfurt am Main
10. When has Germany introduced the Euro? c) in January 1999
11. Who is a famous German biathlete? b) Kati Wilhelm
12. What is the total area of Germany? a) about 357,000 sq km
13. What is a river in Germany? c) Rhein
14. Which three countries have a border with Germany?
c) Switzerland, Denmark, Czech-Republic
15. How many states are there in Germany? b) 16
16. Who was the first German chancellor? a) Konrad Adenauer
17. Who was a famous German scientist? b) Albert Einstein
18. Which building belongs to the most famous sights in Berlin?
c) The Brandenburger Gate
19. We live in Thuringia in the middle of Germany. What is our nickname?
c) The Green Heart of Germany
20. Who composed the National Anthem of Germany?
a) Joseph Haydn

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