Friday, 16 October 2009

Poland - Correct answers


1. Which city is the capital of Poland? b) Warsaw

2. The longest river in Poland is: c) the Vistula

3. Who is the Prime Minister of Poland? b) D. Tusk

4. What's the name of the Polish sea? b) the Baltic Sea

5. What is the highest mountain in our country? b) Rysy

6. Polish emblem shows: a) white eagle in red background

7. What is the biggest lake? a) Śniardwy

8. Who was Karol Wojtyła? b) the Pope

9. Who was the first king of Poland? b) Bolesław Chrobry

10. Who was Mikołaj Kopernik? a) an astronomer

11. What colour is the Polish flag? b) white and red

12. Which country isn't the neighbour of Poland? a) Hungary

13. Who was Fryderyk Chopin? c) a composer

14. What is the Polish currency? c) zloty

15. The Second World War started in: c) 1939

16. Which religion dominates in Poland? c) Roman Catholism

17. Which mountains are on the southern border of Poland? b) The Carpatians

18. Where is Poland located in Europe? a) centre

19. How would you greet in Poland? b) Dzień Dobry

20. Adam Małysz is the best: b) ski jumper

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