Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Questions from Greece

1. Which is the highest mountain of Greece? a) Olympus
2. Which is the second bigger city in Greece? a) Thessalonica
3. Which is the biggest island of Greece? a) Crete
4. What colors does the Greek flag have? b) white and blue
5. Which country is NOT a neighbor of Greece? a) Romania
6. Who was the goddess of beauty? c) Aphrodite
7. Who wrote the epics Iliad and Odyssey? a) Homer
8. Where is the Parthenon located? b) Athens
9. How many Spartans were led by Leonidas at the battle of Thermopiles? c)300
10. Who was NOT a philosopher? c) Sophocles
11. Which part of Greece was the birth place of Alexander the Great? b) Macedonia
12. Which of the Greek painters is well known as “El Greco”? a) Theotokopoulos
13. What does the word Democracy mean? c) the power of the people
14. When did the Greek Revolution against Turks take place? b) 1821
15. Who is the Prime Minister of Greece? c) George Papandreou
16. Who was the inventor of Pap Test in Gynecology? a) Nick Papanikolaou
17. The Modern Olympic Games started in: b) 1896
18. Who composed the famous music of Zorbas (the sirtaki dance)? a) Mikis Theodorakis
19. When did the Greek National Football Team win the European cup? b) 2004
20. Which of the Greek dishes is the most favorite to tourists? b) souvlaki

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