Thursday, 10 December 2009

Questions and answers from Slovakia

1. What is the capital city of Slovakia? b:Bratislava

2. How many countries border Slovakia? a: 5

3. The Tatra mountains form a border to a country. Which country is it? a: Poland

4. About how many inhabitans are there in Slovakia? c:5 million

5. In which year did Slovakia gain its independence? c:1993

6. Before gaining independence Slovakia was a federative state with another country. Which one? c: The Czech Republic

7. How often are the parliamentary elections held in Slovakia? c: every 4 years

8. Which is the highest peak of Slovakia? c: Gerlachovský Štít

9. What is the longest river that flows wholly in Slovakia? c:Váh

10. Which religion dominates in Slovakia? c:Roman Catholicism

11. In southern Slovakia lots of people speak additional language to Slovak language. Which one is it? a: Hungarian

12. What colours does Slovak flag have? b: white, blue, red

13. Which of these is Slovak national food? c: halušky

14. In year 2002 some Slovak sportsmen won the world championship. What sport was it? a: ice hockey

15. The parents of which artist were from Slovakia? a: Andy Warhol

16. Which of the following sportswomen was Slovak-born? a: Martina Hingis

17. Which of these hockey players is NOT Slovak? b: Jágr

18. The leader of so called „Prague spring“ was born in Slovakia. His name was...c: Alexander Dubček

19. Who is the current Slovak Prime minister? b: Robert Fico

20. What is the name of famous Slovak engineer, physicist and inventor, who was born 150 years ago and who was Einstein’s profesor? a: Aurel Stodola

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